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Squirrel Skinner Raccoon Skinner Catfish Skinning Kit  
The Hunter Helper Squirrel Skinner was designed by veteran hunters to make dressing your game easier. This device is a squirrel skinner, squirrel holder and squirrel cleaner all in one. As we know dressing your game can be cumbersome and very time consuming if a mistake is made, but with your hunters Helper Squirrel Skinner you can streamline and make the process smoother. This product can be used to dress squirrel and various game fowl such as pheasants, ducks, and turkeys. $29.97+S&H
This device is a raccoon cleaner, raccoon holder and raccoon skinner all in one.  Designed to hold small to extra large raccoons. Holds your game secure and in place and off the ground. $29.97+S&H The Hunter Helper Catfish Skinner was designed by veteran hunters.  This device is a catfish cleaner, catfish holder and catfish skinner all in one.  This device is specially designed to hold up to a one hundred pound fish. It holds your game secure and off the ground. $34.88+S&H  
Rabbit Skinner Field Dressing Skinning Post
This device is a rabbit cleaner, rabbit holder and rabbit skinner all in one specially designed for medium to large rabbits during dressing. Holds him in place and off the ground. $29.97+S&H Designed to hold the Hunters Helper Squirrel Skinner, Rabbit Skinner, Raccoon Skinner, or Catfish Skinner.  Unit fits into two inch (2”) hitch receiver.  This device will go anywhere your truck can go.  Game Skinners are sold separately.  $49.25+S&H The Squirrel Skinner, Rabbit Skinner, Raccoon Skinner, Catfish Skinner and Field Dressing Post are all made of professional grade  14 gauge and up metal.  All five products have a life time guarantee. 

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